The College is located in Duncans Road, Werribee, and is a 30-minute drive from the Melbourne and Geelong central business districts; the Werribee Metro Railway Station is located just 10 minutes away by foot.

There are EIGHT employment opportunity currently advertised by the College.

Vacancy No.     Position                                                                                                       Start            End             Application Due   
1106500 Graduate Classroom Teacher - VCD(7-10) / IT (7-10) 29/01/2018 28/01/2019 05/12/2017
1106831 Graduate Classroom Teacher - English/Humanities 29/01/2018 28/01/2019 06/12/2017
1106823 Graduate Classroom Teacher EAL/English/Humanities Fixed Term 29/01/2018 28/01/2019 06/12/2017
1106832 Family Leave – Classroom Teacher English/Humanities 29/01/2018 28/01/2025 06/12/2017
1107809 Classroom Teacher Fixed Term - EAL/Humanities  29/01/2018 28/01/2019 12/12/2017
1107821 Classroom Teacher Fixed Term - Science / Maths 29/01/2018 28/01/2019 12/12/2017
1107614 Education Support ES1-1 - Integration Aide - Ongoing 29/01/2018 ongoing 12/12/2017
1108479 Classroom Teacher Fixed Term - English/Humanities 29/01/2018 28/01/2019 18/12/2017


Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment in accordance with their legal obligations including the Child Safe Standards. The College’s Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct will soon be available on the College website.

When positions are advertised, applicants may apply with an emailed copy of their application to:

or via the Online Registration at the:

Department of Education and Training (DET)

For further information: Please call the College on 9741 1822.

Important Documents:

Werribee Secondary College Guiding Statement (2017)

Werribee Secondary College Annual Report (2016)

Werribee Secondary College School Strategic Plan (2016-2019)