Test date: Saturday 5 May 2018

Registration opens early March.


' A Program of High Expectations and High Achievements'

The SELP is a selective entry program developed to address the special learning needs of students who demonstrate high levels of task commitment and high levels of achievement.  Through the combination of a specially designed Curriculum, well-practiced teaching expertise, and a developed culture of high expectations, students are stimulated, challenged and motivated towards even higher levels of achievement.

Werribee Secondary College operates the only accredited Select Entry Program in the Wyndham Region.

In 2002 our first group of students who enrolled at Year 7 in 1997 completed Year 12 and attained outstanding results.  We confidently predict that future Select Entry students will attain even better results.  We have the Experience, the Expertise and the Curriculum structure to help your child achieve their potential.


Year 7

Most students enter the Program at Year 7. In order to do so they must sit for the Entrance Examination whilst still in Year 6. Enrolment into the program is determined by performance on these tests. The main testing session is conducted in May, but with a limited supplementary test held in late August.

Other Year Levels

A small number of positions may be available at other year levels as a result of family movement. Entry into these places is determined by interview and is almost always subject to a satisfactory performance on the Entrance Examination.


The SELP curriculum allows students to work at a pace, more in keeping with their academic capacities. Students are extended to work at higher thought process levels, and higher academic performance levels. In this way their intellectual development is stimulated whilst their social and emotional development is supported by a peer group of similarly motivated and achieving students.

All students stay together in one class for all of their subjects in Years 7 & 8. In Years 9 & 10 they are able to select several elective subjects, which they undertake with other students from their year level. Students must meet the set academic requirements at each year level.

All students who enter the Program exhibit above average ability in Mathematics. The extent to which they excel in Mathematics will influence the curriculum pathway which each student follows.

All students:

- undertake compulsory music studies in Years 7 & 8, with the option of an extension music curriculum .

- are able to take up instrumental studies and perform with one of the school bands or orchestras .

- undertake a Language Other Than English to Year 9 .

- undertake VCE studies whilst in Year 10.

- undertake Year 12 subjects whilst in Year 11.

- have the option of a University subject in Year 12.

- participate in a range of enrichment activities:
   - Debating
   - Guest Speakers
   - Public Speaking Program
   - Tours of the University of Melbourne