Dear Students,

We are moving to a time when some or all of us will be participating in Learning from Home. Continuity of learning is important and Werribee Secondary College is committed to supporting you through this.

Compass is the main platform for Learning from Home and this is supported by video conferencing on Webex Meeting.  These instructions were sent on a Compass newsfeed recently as attachments. Go through these if needed. Your teacher may utilise other supporting platforms such as Managebac (IB), OneNote, Stile, Canvas, Fuse, Cambridge online, Oxford online, etc. This is to ensure that you have the resources you need while learning from home.

Some guidelines and expectations around this process are the following:

On each day of learning from home;

  1. Check your timetable for the day.
  2. Each of your timetabled lesson for the day will have a Compass Lesson Plan.
  3. Complete your learning activities and assessment tasks posted by your teacher on the Compass Lesson Plan.
  4. If a Webex Meeting is scheduled, join the meeting for that session.
  5. If you are having difficulties, email the teacher or join the “chat” on the Webex Meeting.
  6. If a supporting platform is used for submission of tasks (ie. Managebac, Stile), make sure that you are aware of the details as provided by your teacher.



  1. Follow the same expectations we all have used in class, eg. rule off your last lesson’s work, write the date and Learning Intention in your book and complete the tasks as set, aim to achieve your success criteria.
  2. Be proactive in asking questions and communicate with your teacher if you need help, either through email or chat on Webex Meeting.
  3. Submit your completed tasks for feedback, same expectations as in the classroom.
  4. Be open to learning, help one another and be a collaborative member of your class.
  5. Remember our College motto,

The Werribee Secondary College community “lives worthily”.  We are adaptable life-long learners, who are confident, creative and resilient individuals, empowered to shape the world in which we live. 

Continue to demonstrate these qualities. We are very proud of your efforts through these events.


Staff at WSC


Learning from home documents

Letter for parents and guardians

Plan for learning at home

Webex installation and troubleshooting

How to join a Webex meeting