Dear teachers,

In order to support our students through learning from home, we need to ensure that continuity of learning happens.

Compass is the main platform for Learning from Home and this is supported by video conferencing on Webex Meeting.

You may utilise other supporting platforms such as Managebac (IB), OneNote, Stile, Canvas, Fuse, Cambridge online, Oxford online, etc.

Information on these is on SharePoint>Shared Files>Learning from Home.

All information regarding Learning from Home will be kept in this folder.

Some guidelines and expectations around this process are the following:

      A. Lesson Plan

  1. Check your timetable for the day.
  2. For each of your timetabled lesson, post the class activities and assessments on Compass Lesson Plan.
  3. Your lesson must cover the curriculum and assessments must be appropriate for the tasks given (as you normally would in class with modification for online learning). See your HoF or Narelle for guidance.
  4. Indicate if a Webex Meeting is scheduled.
  5. Indicate your school email where students can contact you.
  6. Indicate if a supporting platform is used such as for submission of tasks (ie. Managebac, Stile) and make sure that details are provided to your students.
  7. Be clear about your expectations for your students (same as in class).


      B. Webex Meeting

  • Include the time.
  • Indicate your personal room address.
  • Optional: Record the meeting so other students are able to access at a later time if needed. (See the guide).


Thank you for being open to learning and modelling our school values to our community.


The Werribee Secondary College community “lives worthily”.  We are adaptable life-long learners, who are confident, creative and resilient individuals, empowered to shape the world in which we live. 


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